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Rosa Mystica House of Prayer

Nestled in the foothills of upstate New York lies one of the Catholic Church’s best-kept devotional secrets— Rosa Mystica House of Prayer. Since 1975, the retreat grounds have served as a place of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, all while sharing a special message from Our Lady herself.

Immerse yourself in the rich beauty, history, and sacredness of the grounds, and come and see what God and Our Lady have in store for you at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer.

Our Mission

It is the mission of The Rosa Mystica Foundation to follow the teachings of Our Lady of Rosa Mystica, living a life of Prayer, Penance, and Sacrifice, and supporting the Catholic Church and our priests by becoming evangelists, bringing souls to Jesus through Mary.

About Rosa Mystica

Our Lady of Rosa Mystica House of Prayer exists to bring souls to Jesus through Mary. We think of Rosa Mystica as a haven, a shelter, and an escape, where Our Lady and Our Lord will work on your heart and lift your spirits.

History of Rosa Mystica

Rosa Mystica House of Prayer is committed to a Marian devotion dating back to 1947, in which the Blessed Mother, under the title of Our Lady of Rosa Mystica, or “Mystical Rose,” appeared to the Italian laywoman Pierina Gilli. Approved by the local bishop, the message shared by our Lady is one of healing and restoration through prayer, sacrifice, and penance. Her message holds true for pilgrims of all walks of life, with a special focus for priests and consecrated souls.

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Conferences & Retreats

The Rosa Mystica Shrine is pleased to offer numerous opportunities to gather and pray throughout the year. Our facilities can accommodate both large and small groups. We invite you to check our events page to view upcoming and past events we host.

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Our facilities are available to prayer groups, religious organizations, family groups, or other groups that can benefit from the shrine experience.

To bring your group and plan a retreat, event or bus pilgrimage please call 516-273-2667. Click here for more information.