Hd Relic Museum

St. Maria Goretti Relic Museum

Visit our Relic Museum to see over 100 relics that have been authenticated by the Vatican.

Relic Museum

Located downstairs in our Divine Healer Chapel, the St. Maria Goretti Relic Museum displays an impressive collection of artifacts. Pilgrims can venerate over 100 relics in memory of Joseph Mario Reali.

All of the relics in our museum are certified by the Catholic Church as being authentic.

After your visit to the Relic Museum, the Divine Healer Chapel leads your sight to majestic views through the magnificent glass front.

Relic Museum Image

Relic Museum Calendar

Relics to be exposed on altar on the day of the feast day


January 4thSaint Elizabeth Ann Bayley SetonBody
January 5thSaint Edward the ConfessorBone
January 5thSaint John NeumannBone
January 25thBlessed Archangela GirlaniClothing
January 27thSaint Henry de Osso y CervelloBone
January 28thSaint Thomas AquinasBone


February 4thSaint Andrew CorsiniBone
February 9thBlessed Anne Catherine EmmerichLinen
February 15thSaint Claude ColombiereBone
February 18thSaint Francis Regis CletBone
February 23rdSaint PolycarpBone
February 24thBlessed Josefa Naval GirbesBone
February 27thSaint Gabriel of Our Lady of SorrowsBody and Cinders


March 7thSaint Teresa Margaret of the Sacred HeartBone
March 9thSaint Catherine of BolognaBone
March 13th (Roman Catholic)Saint Euphrasia of ConstantinopleBone
March 20thBlessed Francis of Jesus Mary and JosephBone
March 31stBlessed Joan of ToulouseClothing


April 8thSaint Julie BilliartBone
April 11thSaint StanislausBone
April 12thSaint Teresa of Jesus of Los AndesBone
April 16thSaint Bernadette SoubirousClothing
April 17thBlessed Baptist Spagnoli of MantuaBone, Body
April 25thSaint Mark EvangelistBody
April 27thSaint ZitaClothing
April 30th Saint Marie of the IncarnationBone


May 7thSaint Rose VeneriniBone
May 8thSaint Michael the Archangel (Apparition of Saint Michael)Stone from the Cave in Monte Sant Angelo, Italy
May 10thSaint Damien of MolokaiAltar
May 15thSaint Isidore the FarmerClothing
May 15thSaint Louise de MarillacBone
May 16thSaint Simon StockBone
May 20thSaint Bernardine SienaHabit
May 25thSaint Mary Magdalene of PazziClothing
May 26thSaint Philip NeriClothing


June 4th (Eastern Orthodox)Saint Martha of BethanyBone
June 7thBlessed Anne of BartholomewLinen
June 13thSaint Anthony of PaduaClothing
June 26thSaint Joseph Maria EscrivaNo Relic
June 28 (Western Church)Saint IrenaeusBone


July 1stSaint Oliver PlunkettBone
July 5thSaint Anothony Maria ZaccariaBone
July 6thSaint Maria GorettiBone
July 14thJuly 18th (US)Saint Camillus of LellisBone
July 15thSaint BonaventureBone
July 22ndSaint Mary MagdaleneBone
July 25th (Eastern Orthodox)Saint Euphrasia of ConstantinopleBone
July 26thBlessed Titus BrandsmaClothing
July 29th (Catholic,Anglican, Lutheran)Saint Martha of BethanyBone
July 29thBlessed Angel Maria Prat and CompanionsBones
July 30thBlessed Solanus CaseyHabit
July 30th, July 31st (Imola Itlay)Saint Peter ChrysologusBone


August 1stSt. Alphonsus Maria de LiguoriBone
August 7thSt. Albert of TrapaniBone
August 8thSaint Dominic GuzmanBone
August 9thSaint Teresa Benedicta of the CrossClothing
August 11thSaint Clare of AssisiBone
August 14thSaint Maximillian KolbeClothing
August 15thSaint TarcisiusBone
August 16thBlessed Angelus Agostini MazzinghiBone
August 21st (Eastern Christianity)Saint Jude ThaddeusBone
August 21stSaint Pius XBody
August 23rd (Eastern Church)Saint IrenaeusBone
August 26thSaint Mary of Jesus CrucifiedBone
August 28thSaint Joaquina de VedrunaBone


September 5thSaint Teresa of CalcuttaHair, saree
September 13thBlessed Mary Angela TruszkowskaBone
September 17th St. Albert of JerusalemBone
September 23rdSaint Padre PioBone
September 23rdSaint Vincent de PaulBone
September 29thSaint Michael the ArchangelStone from the Cave in Monte Sant Angelo, Italy


October 1stSaint Teresa of the Child JesusAshes
October 4thSaint Francis of AsissiBody
October 5thBlessed Bartolo LongoBone
October 5thBlessed Francis Xavier SeelosBone
October 15thSaint Teresa of AvilaBone
October 17thSaint Margaret Mary AlacoqueAshes
October 18thSaint Luke EvangelistBody
October 22ndSaint John Paul IIPapal Fascia


November 4thBlessed Frances d’AmboiseBone
November 9th Saint Elizabeth of the TrinityBone
November 15th St. Albert the GreatBone
November 15thSaint Raphael of JosephBone
November 18thSaint Rose Philippine DuchesneBone
November 26thSaint Leonard of Port MauriceBone
November 30thSaint Andrew, ApostleBone


December 2ndBlessed Maria Angela AstorchBone
December 5thSaint Bartholomew FantiBody
December 6thSaint Nicholas of MyraBone
December 14thSaint John of the CrossDust of the body
December 16thBlessed Mary of the AngelsBone
December 29thSaint Thomas of CanterburyBone