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Rosa Mystica

Join us at Rosa Mystica House of Prayer for
Mass, Adoration, special events, and retreats.

Winter Schedule

Holy Mass

Mass and services as usual until October 31st. 


  • 9am Confessions available
  • 10am Holy Mass

Regular Schedule:


  • 11am Adoration/Confessions
  • 11:30 Holy Rosary
  • 12pm Holy Mass
  • 3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • *Tuesday Mass at Divine Healer Chapel


Weekly Adoration:

Until Oct 31st 24hr Adoration every Monday after Noon Mass until Tuesday at Noon.

For more details, contact
Betsey at 607-316-3054

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Sep 15 172023 Euthanasia 11 1

September 15 – 17

Forced Euthanasia

Speakers: Terry Beatley, Kathleen McCarthy, Sister Deirdre Byrne, Bobby Schindler, Gina Antonelli & Dr. Byrne.

Forced Euthanasia. You may be next! Amazing speakers for this occasion!

With Ria music ministry.

To register without accommodations or for the livestream

To register with accommodations please call Janine at 607-206-2523 or email at

Please help Sr. Deirdre raise funds to make a film about her dear friend Sr. Philip Marie who was euthanized AGAINST HER WISHES! The purpose of this film is to expose the evils of forced euthanasia, i.e. MURDER. You can make a difference by helping Sr. Deirdre with her mission to protect those who wish to live.

You can donate at The Little Workers of the Sacred Heart’s website: LWSHPTCLINIC.COM

Watch Sister Phillip Marie Burle, CPPS plea!

Padre Pio 2023 (10)

September 22 – 24

Padre Pio Weekend Retreat 

Speakers: Fr. Pio Mandato (click HERE to know more) & Sr. Theresa May, Capuchin sister of Nazareth (click here to know more about her community & mission)

Music ministry & speaker: Marty Rotella 

To register with accommodations please call 607-206-2523.

To register without accommodations

To donate a brick for Padre Pio’s patio

CLICK HERE to purchase the book Fr. Pio Mandato’s mother (Graziella DeNunzio Mandato) wrote about her experiences with St. Padre Pio. 

Padre Pio’s car available to pray inside! Click here to know the story of who got healed in the car by Padre Pio! (also see document attached )

Copy Of Disciples Of Rosa Mystica Retreat 5

SepTEMBER 29 – OctOBER 1

Maria Rosa Mystica Disciples Retreat

Speakers: Dani & Alfonso Vidal

Goal: Deeper devotion to Maria Rosa Mystica & take a pilgrim
statue back home or your diocese!

To register please call 607-206-2523

For more information about the retreat you may call 812-431-8076

Campbells October

October 27 – 29

Prayer, Healing & Deliverance

Speakers: Patrick & Joy Campbell

Workshop themes throughout 3 retreats:

  • – 7/21-23 Breakthrough healing (Prayer, healing & deliverance)
  • – 9/1-3 Victory in spiritual warfare 
  • – 10/27-29 Anointed Catholic Prophecy

Get 10% discount attending 2 retreats & 15% off attending all three!

Get to know The Campbell’s

For more information about the retreat

To see The Campbell’s letter of good standing.

To register with accommodations please call Janine at 607-206-2523 or email at