Apostles of Rosa Mystica

Who Are the Apostles of Rosa Mystica?

They are ordinary people like you and I who are taking action to support priests and re-ignite the fire of faith in the Catholic Church. Would you like to be a part of this exciting mission? It would be a blessing if you would join us with a donation of at least $10 a month to help make this happen.

Benefits of Being an Apostle

Tmb Mass

Remembrance in all of our Masses and daily prayers.

Tmb Cross

A Welcome Package containing:

  • Rosa Mystica Medal & Prayer Card
  • Mass for you or a loved one
  • 10% discount in our gift shop
  • ​Unique Souls Remembered Booklet
Tmb Bricks

Gifts of $25/month or more will also receive:

  • An engraved brick in our Patriotic Rosary Walk
  • Your brick will read:
    *The brick will be engraved on the 12th month of being an apostle.
Tmb Art

Gifts of $50/month or more will also receive:

  • A signed artist print by our President JoAnne Von Zwehl
  • Priority access to all of our events in Edmeston, New York.

Where does the money go?

Your donations allow us to maintain and expand Our Lady of Rosa Mystica House of Prayer in Edmeston, New York where our pilgrims can come to be renewed and strengthened in their faith. We offer this peaceful haven as a place where our priests can rest and be refreshed. Thanks to you, we are able to keep this holy place open. ​In addition, we continue to support seminarians throughout the world.

What has Rosa Mystica accomplished?

Holy House

Our Lady of Rosa Mystica House of Prayer

  • Builds and maintains Our Lady of Rosa Mystica’s Holy House of Prayer in Edmeston, NY for 20 years including chapels, grottos, museums, field of crosses, prayer walks, and memorials
  • Serves over 5000 pilgrims each year with Masses, Adoration, Retreats, Confession, Prayer
  • ​Eucharistic Adoration, Candlelit Processions, and our Pilgrim Statue Program
  • Provides comfortable lodging for our pilgrims who are traveling from afar
  • Building the St. Maria Goretti Relic Museum containing over 100 certified relics
  • Building the first ever Patriotic Rosary Walk where we can offer prayers for our country

Rosamystica Apostles B Community

Building Communities

  • Built over 45 Catholic churches, schools, medical buildings, convents, rectories, orphanage, bridges, wells for fresh water, etc. in third world countries
  • Built an entire village in Contcessa, Africa, which includes the Rosa Mystica Church, a medical building, a well, and school houses
  • Promoted Rosary, Holy Mass, and devotion to Our Lady of Rosa Mystica on four continents

Rosamystica Apostles B Supportpriests

Supporting our Priests

  • Sponsored education of over 1,700 seminarians throughout the world
  • Completed a library at Stella Maris Seminary, South Vietnam
  • Gives priests a place to rest and be refreshed at our House of Prayer

If you have any questions about the Apostles of Rosa Mystica,
please email ApostlesRM@gmail.com.

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