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Mother Leonardi was a religious nun from Italy. Our Lady came to her and asked her for a House of Prayer under her name, Our Lady of Rosa Mystica. She was given coordinates by the Blessed Virgin Mary that led to Angel Hill, in Edmeston, New York in 1975. A group of pilgrims went on procession with the statue of Rosa Mystica around the property. (See pictures at Mother Leonardi’s Chapel). A white statue of Our Lady (right now in front and outside the chapel) levitated right next to her while she was walking around the property until the statue didn’t move from where she is right now meaning Our Lady wanted the House of Prayer right there where She stopped.

In 1985, Franciscan monks from Canada built the chapel. After many trials and difficulties the chapel was not completed and lay abandoned.  
The member of the M.A.N. Foundation then donated the funds to purchase the chapel.  However, the beautiful statue of Mary, under the title of “Rosa Mystica,” was removed by the priest who was selling the chapel.

The first thing the foundation did was to raise $18,000 to have the statue returned.  Anyone who ever laid eyes on the statue knew the chapel would never be the same until the magnificent 8.5 foot statue of Mary, carved in Montichiari, Italy, was returned. 

When the statue of Rosa Mystica came back and was unwrapped, to the admiration of many who were there, tears were coming down her cheeks. No one touched the tears and to this date you can still see the stain of the tears in her cheeks. Since this moment, pilgrims say that the statue is alive as many have seen her cry, smile, sad, open her arms and in a couple of occasions come alive in private revelations. 

Many miracles have been attributed to Our Lady throughout the years. Pilgrims have had physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Pilgrims have experienced healings by using the sacramentals of the oil and holy water from Rosa Mystica and Rosa Mystica healing Lake. 

In 2019, Fr. Ignatius Mary received a vision of Our Lady coming down to the lake, touching the lake and blessing it saying that many blessings and healings will come through that Holy Water. It took a year to Fr. Ignatius Mary to pray and discern the about this vision before he came, bless the lake, and sprinkled the property with the holy water from the lake. In 2020 a lady from Long Island reported a miracle from her friend who had lung cancer and was blessed with the Rosa Mystica oil and holy water from the lake. 

Another source of blessed and healing water is the one located at the foot of the big crucifix on the opposite side of the church. The crucifix was brought over the ocean from Vietnam. When they were building the base to put the crucifix on September 14th (the day of the exaltation of the holy cross), water came as a sprout out of nowhere from the ground). Some people took that water home and blessed themselves and miracles happened. This is why, shortly after the source of water was blessed and the statue of an angel now there is a fountain. 

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Noreen & Joe Von Zwehl
Our History
Main Chapel in 1985

Blessed Mother Queen of America Protect Us

M.A.N. Foundation (which Rosa Mystica is under the umbrella of ) started over 26 years ago by Noreen Von Zwehl to help mankind spiritually under the teachings of St Therese Martin, St. Teresa Avila and Therese Neuman. Noreen’s small, local mission grew exponentially into worldwide assistance to the spirituality impoverished. When the African Church was completed in 2011, the M.A.N. Foundation touched the lives of people on each continent of the globe.

The Foundation began focusing on strengthening the mission at home. Under the guidance of Our Blessed Mother, Rosa Mystica Chapel opened for prayer in 2001. Rosa Mystica has since grown into a spiritual haven with retreats, conferences and more, with accommodations to house over 80 people.

With inspiration from Our Blessed Mother, we also have provided financial assistance to men entering the seminary. With their financial burden being lightened, we hope it will allow them to concentrate more fully on their theological studies. It is the hope of the foundation, that men of the Priesthood, In Addition to laity, will utilize the Chapel and Village as an opportunity for personal prayer and retreats; a chance to refocus and rejuvenate their spirituality.

It became clear the Rosa Mystica would become our main focus and mission. The Board of Directors unanimously decided to to transition from M.A.N. Foundation’s initial worldwide missions under the three saints – to the new mission under The Blessed Mother; Rosa Mystica Foundation of America.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us advance this mission.

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